Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let the editing begin!

My ETL401 assignment is written. Hooray! I've done my best and feel like I've done a pretty good job. If only I had my ETL503 assignment back so I could use the mark and feedback from that one to help me evaluate this one!
The only problem; my word count is 2339 words and the limit is 2000+10% i.e. 2200 words. So now I must carefully find the 139 words that are superfluous and cut them out! I might have a cup of tea and then re-read to see what gets the chop.
As for continuing my discussion of the role of the TL, something that bothers me a fair bit is the fact that as a TL, there is usually just one of you in a school. Which means that as a newly appointed TL, you really don't have anyone on site to show you the ropes. I would much prefer to start out in a junior role and work my way up. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to do a really good job of things, and I feel like as the only TL, I would be very hard on myself and might give myself a nervous breakdown.
Possible solutions I can see include getting a job in a public library to be under someone, and spending a lot of time at my kids' school getting hands on experience. Hmmm.

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