Monday, April 13, 2009

I feel like my assignment is going well. I've only got a little more to write, then I can focus on editing. This time I'm not so stressed about the referencing issue. Firstly, the documents I'm referring to are mostly books or journal articles which have clear guidelines for "how to". Secondly, I'm using "cite while you write" with Endnote this time, and finding it really great. Each time you want to make a citation, you search your library and click on the correct document. Endnote adds the citation in correct APA form, and adds that document to your reference list. When you finish writing the paper, your reference list is already written! Bliss!
I now feel far enough "on top of things" to actually enjoy a few days of the school holidays with my kids. Was worried that when Chris went back to work tomorrow I would want to get rid of the kids due to having too much work to do. But now I see that I will be able to spend time with them without always feeling that I should be at the computer. I should have ample time to finish my work. Hooray!

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